Erosion Jobs

Here you will find examples of the work we do. From big to small these examples include; gabion walls, retaining walls, gabion stair cases, gabion mats or blankets, rip rap and various other erosion protection examples. Click each image below for a brief description and overview of our work.

Date: November - December 2008 - Kenora, Ontario

Description: Retaining wall made of gabion's to support a bank adjacent to the #17 Hwy through Kenora, ON. This was to support a side walk along the highway and insure no bank collapsed to the houses below.

Date: September - October 2008

Description: Rebuilding of a large portion of the Seine river bike Trail near Provencher Blvd. in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Date: May - June 2007 - Elbow, SK

Description: Eroding bank in Douglas provincial park required a gabion wall and railing system for beach access. Near Elbow, SK.


Date: Fall 2008 - Brandon, MB

Description: Construction of a coffer dam to divert water in order to inspect existing dam that was erected in ~1940.

Date: Summer 2008 - Lake Winnipeg, MB

Description: A boat tour around Cottages in the Lake Winnipeg area showcasing erosion and erosion protections.














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