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Here we hope to inform you of the need for erosion control and the benefits of gabion based erosion management.


Q: Who needs erosion protection?

A: Anyone with shoreline, lake front or river front property. Even people who have no signs of erosion or shoreline degradation.


Q: Why is erosion control important?

A: The first and foremost answer is that it INCREASES PROPERITY VALUE protecting your investment. In addition to slowing or even stopping erosion, we can RECLAIM lost land and protect current property. It provides access to otherwise dangerous and unsafe banks and shores. Beautifies slumping and deteriorating banks and shoreline as well as enhancing beach areas. In some cases, depending on your area, sand deposits can happen as a result of the gabion walls giving you back lost beach!

Another use outside the realm of erosion control is retaining walls and vertical wall structures. The gabion devices can be aligned in various shapes and sizes to accommodate almost any need for strong supportive structures. We have used gabion's in vertical retaining walls, walk ways down to beaches, around drainage culverts and storm water diversion canals, as well as along walking and biking paths to stop banks from sliding even when no flowing water is present.

A2: In Manitoba, specifically Grand beach and Victoria Beach the lake level is regulated by Manitoba Hydro. They keep lake Winnipeg water levels between 711 feet and 715 feet above sea level. The static water level (still water level) can flocculate up to 4 feet within those levels. This is important because the south basin Winnipeg is shallow at a depth of approximately 30feet. With a potential flocculate of 4 feet and in some years greater, this can be catastrophic to ANY shoreline unprotected on the lake.

Other factors such as surface water drainage, ground water drainage, presence of tree root base, soil condition and bank loading are all contributing factors to shore line erosion.


Q: What is a gabion anyway?

A: See our dedicated gabion page for complete info.


Q: This sounds expensive, how much will it cost?

A: Like with any major construction project, every one is different. A number of factors come into play and personal on site estimate is usually required. Please e-mail us with any questions about pricing and so we can get an idea of your specific needs will be.








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