2011 Flooding

MacTube Installation

The spring flooding of 2011 devastated many residents surrounding both Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. This was due to many factors. Below is just some of the protection put in place to protect both cottagers and permanent residents.



Flood waters completely engulfed cottages around Twin Lakes Beach.

(John Bronevitch/CBC

Above Copyright - John Bronevitch/CBC

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Above right, A view from the cottage access road towards the beach. As much as 4-6 feet of water in some places.


Above, again from the access road showing just how much water has flooded the area. Access roads were built up with limestone just to gain access to the cottages, even they were under water (roads) before the initial project began.




Here we are stock piling sand and creating a "bench" in which to set out the MacTubes.

Above - Skid steers are used to maneuver pipes and other pieces of equipment



Scour Apron & Anchor Tubes

The scour apron is installed to create a base for the MacTube. This also creates a barrier against undermining. As the front anchor tube is eroded, it creates a gradual slope preventing undermining of the main MacTube.

Above left - The Pump and hopper system we use to fill the tubes can be seen in background. Left picture is unfilled anchors and the right has them filled.


Above right - The sand bench for the excavators and pump is being prepared.



MacTube® Installation

Using a skid steer or excavator we position the MacTube on the scour apron. It is then rolled out and staked into the ground with t-bars and rope. This holds the tube in position as thousands of liters of water and sand is pumped into the tube. The tubes are porous so the water is drained away leaving the sand behind.

Above Left - Moving pump and sand hopper into position. Above right - Laying out the MacTube.


Be sure to watch the video in HD!


Above left - Workers are tieing down the Mactube so it does not become dislodged when we pump it with water/sand.

Above right - Tube being filled, you can see the excavator dropping sand into hopper.


Above left - prepping next section, right - filled tube


Above - you can see the front scour apron starting to sink




Be sure to watch the video in HD!


Above - night shift



MacTube in action! Watch it in HD!



Port Tie Off and Cleanup

Once a tube is deemed satisfactory to the engineers, the ports used to fill the tubes are then tied and sealed to prevent any damage during storms.





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