Kenora, Ontario - Gabion Retaining Wall


This job was along the Trans Canada Highway #17 in Kenora, Ontario. The highway in this spot was too narrow to lay a sidewalk so we constructed a gabion wall to support the bank, allowing the city to lay a sidewalk along the highway.


Here is the bank before commencing the job. You can see the guard rails for the highway above the excavator.


Below you can see how steep the bank is. No room for a sidewalk on the left side of the guard rail.



Below, we start the first layer of gabion cages. All cages are hand sorted to insure a tight fit.


Back filling as we go to insure the bank doesn't collapse overnight. The right image shows the step pattern we use to that continuation of the cages can be easily continued as we move to the left.


3 layers of cages for the base.


Bottom right: You can see a worker directing the excavator where to deposit back fill.



Next we see the leveling of the top of the first layer. This allows us room to work to install the next 3 layers.


We encountered bedrock that needed a cement form to allow to continue the gabion line.


This odd shape required us to drill into the bedrock and install rebar to support the cement base we were about to install


150+ pieces of rebar were used to insure a good hold. This was done using a high powered air drill.


Here we see the first layer of cement poured into a form.



Bottom left: the first layer of cement poured next to the gabion's. Bottom right, Forming the 2nd and 3rd layers.



Getting ready for the 2nd and 3rd pour.


Smoothing out the cement.




Here we seen the 2nd three layers getting installed.



Below left: We see the cages angle backwards towards the bank and roadway. This adds strength to the wall. Cement was poured where the orange tarp is located.



Excellent examples of the upper and lower levels with blasted rock between.


A view from the top where the sidewalk is to go. The highway is just to the left.



The completed wall


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