Seine River Bike/Walking Path Reconstruction

Winnipeg, Manitoba


The Seine river bike path was deteriorating. Some areas as shown below had completely washed out. We utilized gabion's to help stabilize the bank and proved a solid foundation for the repair of the path.


Looking straight across to the ladder is where the bike path continues. The wash out happened as a result of a parking lot to the upper right draining onto the bank, forcing it into the river. We dug down to water level to lay rock and base to start our gabion foundation.


Standing at water level looking back toward the path, you can see the blasted limestone installed as a break water, then leading to the front face of the gabion. There is a 1/2 meter tall gabion mat installed as a base below the upper 2 gabion's that are visible.



Looking down from the top of the vertical wall. You can see a mini excavator filling the cages as a worker stands ready to sort the rock.


Overlooking 2 machines working near the gabion's. The black material is filter cloth. This is used to prevent material from exiting the cages when rainwater seeps in behind. The cages are then backfilled behind the filter cloth creating the barrier.


The upper gabion layer was used to support the outer bank all the way through the reconstructed area.


More images to come.




Last updated : Friday, February 22, 2013


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