Lawn Care & Yard Maintenance

Yard work holding you back from that weekend at the lake? Is your commercial property too much to handle?

We offer full 3 season yard care to beautify your landscape. Below are the services we offer.


Spring Clean-up (April)

• Debris pick-up in landscaped areas.
• Power rake grassed areas.
• Mow lawns to unified height.
• Cultivate and edge flower and shrub beds.
• Prune shrubs and trees below 6 ft. Does not include major pruning.
• Power broom all sand and gravel off boulevard areas


Summer Maintenance (May – September)

• Mow and trim once per week.
• Blow all sidewalks and flower beds clear after cutting.
• Weekly debris pick-up.
• Cultivate beds monthly.
• Maintain edges around trees, hedges and flower beds monthly.
• Spraying of parking lot and sidewalks weeds as required.
• Minor tree pruning (below 6’ and less than 2” caliper).
• Shaping hedges monthly.


Fall clean-up (October)

• Final mowing of all grassed areas.
• Rake leaves and blow out beds, corners, along building bases, etc.
• Cultivate beds where there is no mulch.

Extras Available (at an hourly or contract rate)

• Tree removal.
• Lawn aerating.
• Wood chipping.
• Material Delivery.
• Power brooming.
• Organic and Non-Organic fertilizing of trees, plants and grass.

If for any reason you feel your property isn't worth yard services, lets change it into something amazing! Visit our Landscaping section for more details!

Snow clearing available here.


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