Other Erosion Protection

We recommend the use of gabion cages whenever possible. We have found them to be an excellent deterrent against erosion as well as a balance between cost and effectiveness. There are other types of erosion protection available to our clients if they so choose.

One choice for many clients is the Gabion Mat. As you can see below its a sloping gabion structure that gives the look of a natural bank. They almost always require some sort of anchor to help them adhere to ground.

Gabion Mat

cross section

Image used from www.maccaferri-northamerica.com

Most commonly soil and vegetation are deposited to help with the anchoring of the mats to the surrounding soil. They can be used with or without vegetation.

Below: No vegetation is used here. This leaves the client open to options and other structures that could be installed. Such items may include walk ways, boat ramps, boat houses and stairs. The top layer closest to the cottage pictured is a regular gabion.

gabion mat

This form of gabion dissipates the waves more naturally than standard gabion's and are very effective on low profile shore lines (gradual banks). These would not be used in cases where the erosion is very prolific and steep as they require a gradual slope to be properly installed. Gabion mats are 1/2 to 1/3 as tall as regular gabion's, giving them added flexibility for custom projects. This smaller cage requires more joining, manual sorting and filling than standard gabion's.


A more direct view of the mats. You can see each individual cell as they slope to the water.



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